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Flat colored most everything
Take Care Of Him by AndyArts
Yeah i'll pretty much do anything flat colored, pretty simple and can be done rather quickly

they just won't come with background or anything
unless you want something mega simple, like shapes or something
Waist [mid torso] shot + no bg
Joshua Taft by AndyArts
Rose Hazelwood by AndyArts
Barista Cody by AndyArts
simple enough. Pretty much what all my pictures are lol
Waist [mid-torso] shot + simple BG
Such butterfly, very nice by AndyArts
Tea Time by AndyArts
Same as the other only with a simplistic background to make it look less empty lol
Full body [or nearly full body] + no bg
pokemans JERRY EDITION by AndyArts
pokemon ANDREW EDITION by AndyArts
Pretty little ladddyyy Annabel by AndyArts
Short and simple
I can [attempt]] full body humans [humanoid] thing or i can cut it off at the knees or mid-thigh as shown
[keep in mind that i'll pretty much only do simple positions and also i'm terrible with shoes/feet]
Full colored + bg
Group Photo Remake Part 2 by AndyArts
Sick baby saved a ladybug by AndyArts
Just as the title says. 
Single Comic-style page
Passerby pap [Comic] by AndyArts
But I like iiiitttt [comiiiccc] by AndyArts
Family Matters [comic] by AndyArts
I'll do these provided i get a fairly detailed description of what you want.
I won't do more then a single page so they got be pretty short and simple. I can do a simplistic background or none, your choice
NSFW-ish things
Sugar, Honey by AndyArts
He looks like sex by AndyArts
I don't mind doing these, this could really go from innuendo, heavily implied or straight up boob lol
I probably won't go too graphic [due to my lack of ability to draw private parts at all] so unless you reaaallllyyy want mega graphic stuff, i'll most likely not show much if anything, sorry
I just will not do any furries


Nov 23, 2014
9:35 am
Nov 22, 2014
8:02 pm
Nov 22, 2014
10:00 am
Nov 21, 2014
12:09 pm
Nov 21, 2014
8:17 am


Videogames by AndyArts

Radiant-Hearts | Radiant-Spirits

Male | 18 | 12/07 | Pansexual | Taken

I'm Andy, and i don't refer to any other nickname [past ones included that i know nearly all of you have known me for], well for the most part that is.
I'm a digital artist man how could you ever tell. I'm that one sassy gay friend that you only ever dreamed of having. I can be cold, rude, brutally honest, and a blatant asshole really lol. you have been warned. I try to be nice which i typically am anyway so don't let the previous statement scare ya off quite yet ha. I'm socially awkward, so if i say something weird or whatever don't try to take it the wrong way cause i'm getting more socially inept as time goes on.
If it isn't obvious enough, i don't reply to a large amount of comments i get on my art, as it's just too tedious to go and reply to them all. I assure you that i read them all and appreciate them all the same though~

If most of you could not tell by the random influx of, GASP, human art of characters that nearly none of you know about unless I've actually gone and talked to you about it or whatever, it's because shameless self-advertising i've been working on a comic with my best-gay-boyfriend ironicturntables over the past year and we hope to at some point in our young-ish lives bring it to life for many of you to ignore/hate enjoy as a webcomic~

Anyhow, i cannot stress this enough, if you want to talk to me i promise i don't bite much you can drop me a note or something.

Do me a favor and commission me i need money plz //sobs

:heart::iconironicturntables: :heart:

He's mine



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